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Moaning Caverns Outing

Another fun outing! Troop 60 is planning to visit Moaning Caverns in Sierra foothills, near Angels Camp. There is going to be walking tour or the rappelling tour, both take about 45 minutes. On the walking tour you can see the caverns, and even bones of pre-historic people from scientific excavations. On rappelling tour you can descend down 165 ft. in the caverns. There are many other activities available. Check out this link for more info:

Date: Sep. 17, 2016
Location: Moaning Caverns
Meeting at: DVMS (at 7: 45 AM)
Pickup: DVMS
Attire: Class B
Required: Permission Slip

For more details, check your emails.

And for any questions, contact:
Anirudh Muralidharan
(SPL for this outing)

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