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Eagle Honor Roll

# Date Scout Name Patrol Project
54 14-Mar-2019 Abhilash Pazhempallil Cyber Badgers Built 2 picnic tables for San Jose Church
53 14-Feb-2019 Kartik Punia Diablo Raptors Built 2 food lockers for Juniper Campground on Mt. Diablo
52 14-Feb-2019 Matthew Hui Cyber Badgers Built 2 food lockers for Juniper Campground on Mt. Diablo
51 20-Dec-2018 Shreyas Vajjhala Cyber Badgers Built 2 cabinet-style chair racks for the Sri Duttasai Temple
50 06-Dec-2018 Sourish Bairaboina Cyber Badgers Built Shoe Shelves for Gurdwara Tri-Valley Sikh Center
49 19-Jul-2018 Nicholas Saunders Grrnades Built 2 food lockers for Juniper Campground on Mt. Diablo
48 21-Dec-2017 Ayman Moin Grrnades Built 4 shelf units for the Muslim Community Ctr of the East Bay
47 07-Dec-2017 Ivan Vuong Grrnades Built a flag-retirement fire pit at Camp Parks for the proper retirement of American flags
46 16-Nov-2017 Gagan Thapar Grrnades Collected/donated power tools to an organization that builds homes for underprivileged families
45 16-Nov-2017 Aadithya Kharwa Grrnades Replaced safety bollards for fire roads In Mt. Diablo
44 16-Nov-2017 Shayan Bawaney Grrnades Refurbished and decorated pre-school wall with tiles
43 02-Nov-2017 Kaanan Kharwa Grrnades Built 20 meditation benches for the Art of Living Ctr.
42 02-Mar-2017 Samuel Magdaleno Grrnades Remove barbed wire fencing on Mt. Diablo
41 17-Nov-2016 Artharva Upadhyay Cannibals Built 2 almirahs for temple
40 18-Aug-2016 Vivek Annadata CyberBadgers Built 2 Mendocino memorial benches at Dougherty Valley High School
39 16-Apr-2016 Jared Lee Roadkill Built bird houses for ducks
38 19-Mar-2016 Saket Agashe Cannibal Bikes for Alternate Family Services in Alameda County
37 21-Jan-2016 Onais Niazi Roadkill Built shoe racks for Zaytuna College
36 17-Sep-2015 Vikas Annadata Roadkill Built shelves for temple
35 17-Sep-2015 Laurens Hoogendijk Roadkill Built storage cabinets for Diablo Vista Middle School
34 23-Jul-2015 Van Jahnke Blackhawks New signage and landscaping at Danville Women's Club
33 18-Jun-2015 David Wong Roadkill Renovated garden at Dougherty Valley High School
32 19-Feb-2015 Brennan Fradelis Blackhawks Dog houses for animal shelter
31 18-Dec-2014 Alex Galletly Blackhawks Exit routes for womens' shelter
30 04-Dec-2014 Jason Bao Bloodthirsty Wolves Computers for Trinity Homeless Center
29 16-Oct-2014 Raj Borra Bloodthirsty Wolves Shelves and table for Temple
28 16-Oct-2014 Sameer Reddy Bloodthirsty Wolves Benches for Temple
27 02-Oct-2014 Max Magdaleno Bloodthirsty Wolves 25 bear boxes for Mt Diablo Park
26 18-Sep-2014 Mihir Reddy Firefox Cabinets for Temple
25 01-May-2014 Quest Hills Firefox Shelves for high school wrestling team
24 20-Mar-2014 Matthew Bridges Firefox Compost bin for Synagogue
23 21-Nov-2013 Gurneev Sareen Firefox Storage shelves for Shepherd's Gate shelter
22 19-Sep-2013 Ayaz Latif Firefox Shelves for Mosque
21 16-May-2013 Bobby Frazier French Warlords Planter boxes at Sunol Regional Wilderness
20 18-Apr-2013 Joe Rorke French Warlords Baseball glove collection for SF Jr
19 18-Jan-2013 Priyo Murugesh Firefox Landscaping at Jackson Elementary School
18 20-Dec-2012 Aman Upadhyay French Warlords Stuffed animals for Valley Care Hospital
17 15-Nov-2012 Shaan Somani Firefox Asthma screening of students
16 18-Oct-2012 Chris Kinney French Warlords Removed trail on Mt
15 16-Aug-2012 Taylor O'Hanlon Firefox Retaining wall at Cazadero Music Camp
14 17-May-2012 Alex Chan Shrieking Snakes Outdoor map display at California High School
13 06-Oct-2011 Vin Ganeshan Blue Footed Boobies Barbed wire fence removal on Mt
12 18-Aug-2011 Michael Baltz Blue Footed Boobies Fire road bollards on Mt
11 07-Jul-2011 Tyler Ainsworth Purple Pandas/Mafia Barbed wire fence removal on Mt
10 18-Jun-2011 Akash Dadlani Shrieking Snakes Toys and art supplies for Children's Hospital
9 19-May-2011 Ryan Su French Warlords Native landscaping of Las Trampas Stables
8 21-Apr-2011 Arjun Vij Shrieking Snakes Picnic tables at Kaiser Medical Center
7 17-Feb-2011 Adit Shah Shrieking Snakes Book drive for Childrens' Hospital
6 15-Jul-2010 Eddie Derentz Happy People Veterans' oral history
5 18-Feb-2010 Jeff Brown Happy People Play structure at church
4 15-Oct-2009 John Baltz Happy People Food storage boxes on Mt
3 19-Dec-2008 Daniel Awai
2 18-Dec-2008 Darren Sandusky Happy People Instrument storage at Dougherty Valley High School
1 02-May-2004  Peter Richards
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