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Cycling Merit Badge

CyclingScouts, even though you may have been cycling for years, you will learn more about your bike by working on Cycling merit badge (Eagle required). If you have already earned this merit badge, you can volunteer for rides and give few helpful tips to new scouts from your experience.

Schedule 2016
# Date Ride Comments
1 Sunday, March 27 10 mile
2 Sunday, April 3 10 mile
3 Sunday, April 10 15 mile
4 Sunday, April 17 15 mile
5 Sunday, April 24 25 mile
6 Sunday, May 15 25 mile Make up ride
7 Sunday, May 22 25 mile Golden Gate Bridge
8 Sunday, May 29 50 mile Final and required (no make up)

Location: Iron Horse Middle School (Check email for more up-to-date information)

  1. Scout Spirit 🙂
  2. Permission Slip
  3. Backpack with lots of water/One large Gatorade or similar drink
  4.  Bike
  5. Helmet (adjust your straps so that it’s not loose on your head)
  6. Energy Bar/Sandwich
  7. Spare the inner tube
  8. Puncture Repair Kit

Attire: Troop 60’s Yellow T-Shirt, Shorts, Enclosed Toe shoes


Manpreet Gahra (ASM)


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